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2020 Collection - Zoe hair pin (Set of 3)


With the usage of a light weighted material, organza, and our handmade magic, transforming a typical fabric into a floral shaped Zoe hair pin. Embellished with plates gold Japanese beads, Swarovski crystals and fresh water pearls further demonstrates the elegance and fairyism to your look. You may put our Zoe hair pin on your back bun as shown in our photos or on the side so as to create a better shape of your face.


On top of that, we have created two other paring items with our Zoe hair pins, the Zoe hair comb and Zoe earrings.


  1. Handmade item
  2. Materials: organza, plates gold Japanese beads, Swarovski crystals, fresh water pearls -Every single piece is handmade & unique (Every item may look slightly different!)
  3. Available in white and light pink

Zoe hair pin (Set of 3)

SKU: 97
    • Made to order (will ship in an estimated 6-8 weeks after purchase <Monday - Friday>)
    • Express order (+ 20%, will ship in estimated 2 weeks after purchase, +30% for 14-20 days,  and + 50% will ship in estimated 1 week after purchase <Monday - Friday>, depends upon materials in hand, pls inbox for further details)
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