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On your big day, every little detail counts. With your magnificent gown and elegant shoes, you will want the perfect accessories to bring the best look out of you. Specialising in wedding accessories, every piece at Norahs Design is made uniquely by hand with love, patience and blessings. Our signature pieces include Myra earrings, hair vine, hair comb, boutonnière and bracelets, which replace traditional use of fresh or silk flowers. Long lasting and reusable, accessories at Norahs Design are also the perfect gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen as a token of appreciation for their help on your big day. Come check us out our collections at the MissBride Wedding shop and Bridalistic. We proudly present our Myra earrings and boutonnière to you as they are our best sellers! Instead of using non-eco friendly and old-fashioned fresh flowers or silk flowers, the boutonnière made by Norahs Design are the new trend in boutonnière which are elegant, delicate, exquisite and fashionable. They are also designed by me to be worn again after the big day as your everyday accessories.  The bracelets can be given to your bridesmaids as a token of appreciation of all their help on your wedding. Wearing them after the big day will remind you and your closest girlfriends of your friendship and every moment of your big day.

By Sharon Kan .Since 2017


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