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As you may find 073 Samantha earrings and 041 Karis earrings look very similar, there is actually a difference between them. The decorations on 073 Samantha earrings are at the bottom of the circular frame, whereas, the decorations on 041 Karis earrings are at the sides of the circular frame.

Both of them are perfect for wearing on the big day or even daily.


  1. Handmade item
  2. Materials: Japanese white beads, handmade white flower, freshwater pearl, lily shell flower, Swarovski crystals, circular frame, wire (ar. 4.5cm x 4cm)
  3. Every single piece is handmade & unique (Every item may look slightly different!)

Samantha earrings

SKU: 073
    • Made to order (will ship in an estimated 6-8 weeks after purchase <Monday - Friday>)
    • Express order (+ 20%, will ship in estimated 2 weeks after purchase, +30% for 14-20 days,  and + 50% will ship in estimated 1 week after purchase <Monday - Friday>, depends upon materials in hand, pls inbox for further details)
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