Marie Antoinette is one of my favourite movies. Marie Antoinette was the last Queen of France before the French Revolution. She and Louis XVI were spending lavishly on luxuries. Besides her famous phrase 'Let them eat cake' and her favourite dessert macaroon, you should also admire her sense of fashion.

This hair vine was named after Marie Antoinette because it was inspired by the colourfulness and sweetness of her favourite dessert - macaroon.

There is also a mini version available for newborn babies.


  1. Handmade item
  2. Materials: Swarovski crystals, freshwater pearls, brass leaves, wire, shell flowers, light pink florals, pearl beads, floral charms, Swarovski rhinestones
  3. Every single headpiece is handmade & unique (Every item may look slightly different!)

Marie Antoinette hair vine

SKU: 030
Wire colour: Gold
Floral colour: Light pink
    • Made to order (will ship in an estimated 3-6 weeks after purchase <Monday - Friday>)
    • Express order (+ 20%, will ship in estimated 2 weeks after purchase , +30% for 14-20 daysand + 50% will ship in estimated 1 week after purchase <Monday - Friday>, depends upon materials in hand, pls inbox for further details)
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