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Aquarius earrings are simple and elegant. Zircon is as shiny as diamond, which you will catch all the attention from the guests. The design idea comes from the meteor shower.


Aquarius earrings will be perfect match with little black dress and cocktail dress as well.


  1. Handmade item
  2. Materials: Zircon, plated gold
  3. Every single headpiece is handmade & unique (Every item may look slightly different!)

Aquarius earrings

SKU: 055
    • Made to order (will ship in an estimated 3-6 weeks after purchase <Monday - Friday>)
    • Express order (+ 20%, will ship in estimated 2 weeks after purchase, +30% for 14-20 days and + 50% will ship in estimated 1 week after purchase <Monday - Friday>, depends upon materials in hand, pls inbox for further details)
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