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2021 Collection - Amelia earrings


This design concept comes from flower faries, can you feel the dreamy vibe? We have designed two versions, one in gold and one in light pink. 


In the gold version, we have used materials of different textures including American Brass flowers, clay flowers, Swarovski crystal amphibole and freshwater pearls as the stamen. With a string of shining diamonds hanging at the back creating a different layer to the earrings.


In the pink version, we have used hand-painted light pink flower, clay flowers, freshwater pearls as stamen. Also with a string of pearls hanging at the back creating a different layer to the earrings. 

It's like telling a story when you wear our Amelia earrings and you will instantly become a little fairy in a fairy tale. 

Our Amelia earrings is suitable in pre-wedding photoshoot, on your big day and even can be worn on daily basis.

Amelia earrings

SKU: 118
    • Made to order (will ship in an estimated 6-8 weeks after purchase <Monday - Friday>)
    • Express order (+ 20%, will ship in estimated 2 weeks after purchase, +30% for 14-20 days,  and + 50% will ship in estimated 1 week after purchase <Monday - Friday>, depends upon materials in hand, pls inbox for further details)
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